Episode 13: Timothy Schaffert

Today’s guest is the charming and talented Timothy Schaffert. I talk, in person this time, with Timothy about the path to becoming a writer when it begins in the barren flatness of midwestern plains states, how important Eudora Welty is, and that its easy to go broke in New York. 

Timothy is the author of five novels. The most recent of which is The Swan Gondola (Riverhead). His four previous novels were all published by Unbridled Books and earned him lots of recognition, including being selected as for the Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers list, as well as a New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice, among many others. 

You can learn more about Timothy at http://www.timothyschaffert.com 

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Episode 12: Shadowboxes: A Short Story by Laura Hawley

Today, we’re trying sometime a bit different. It’s story time! Host Jason Quinn Malott reads a short story called Shadowboxes, which was written by Laura Hawley. Laura earned her MFA in creative writing from Naropa University and was picked by Joyce Carol Oates as the capper story for the 2003 anthology of Best New American Voices. Then, she quietly disappeared. After the story, Jason talks with Laura about what she’s doing now, and her plans for turning out more stories. 

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From The Vault (our tiny, tiny vault): Episode 8: Colin Dickey

While I'm still on hiatus, I thought I'd at least reissue a couple of the episodes I really liked, but for one reason or another didn't get launched as well as I would have liked. This week is my conversation with Colin Dickey. Colin, of course, is the author of the books Cranioklepty and Afterlives of the Saints. 

Read more about Colin at his website, http://www.colindickey.com

And I’ll be back on March 24th with a brand new episode of some kind. I’ve been working on lining up some new guests, but getting them interviewed is hard since I’m, well, sort of semi-homeless for a few more days. 

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FROM THE VAULT (our tiny, tiny vault): Episode 4 redux: Delia Tramontina

While I'm still on hiatus, I thought I'd at least reissue a couple of the episodes I really liked, but for one reason or another didn't get launched as well as I would have liked. First up, is a reissue of Episode 4 with Delian Tramontina, poet, and co-host of the KUSF in Exile show Poet as Radio

Don't forget, I'll be back with a new episode on March 24th. 
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Episode 11: Eric Barnes

In this episode, I talk with author and newspaper publisher Eric Barnes about the Pacific Northwest, serial killers, graduate school at the birthplace of the Beats (Columbia), and that strange situation of trying to write funny but always seeming to get it wrong. 

Eric is the author of the novels Shimmer from Unbridled Books, and Something Pretty, Something Beautiful from Outpost 19. He’s also the publisher of The Daily News, The Memphis News, and The Nashville Ledger.  He also hosts a show on the PBS station WKNO called Behind the Headlines. You can read more about Eric at his website http://www.ericbarnes.net

Reminder: The Outrider Podcast will be taking a short hiatus due to personal changes. The next new episode will be out on March 24th. 

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Episode 10: Darren DeFrain

In this episode I talk with author Darren DeFrain about being an army brat, the creative writing Phd, and Mormon hit squads. 

Darren is the author of the cult novel The Salt Palace, published by New Issues Press, and was a finalist for the Best Small Press Novel award from ForeWord Magazine. He also has a short story collection Inside & Out, published by Main Street Rag Publishing. He is a professor of English at Wichita State University.

You can read more about Darren at his website: http://www.darrendefrain.com

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Episode 9: Peter Geye

This week I talk with Peter Geye about picking up head colds from kids, literary lineages, the lively literary scene in Minneapolis, and how much we liked each other’s first book. Peter is the author of two highly acclaimed novels, Safe from The Sea, and The Lighthouse Road both from Unbridled Books. For more about Peter and his books visit http://petergeye.com

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Episode 8: Colin Dickey

In this episode, I talk with Colin Dickey about writing quaintly transgressive fiction, the dilemma of the literary critic in the modern, make-nice world, his trip to the arctic, and giving up on famous writers’ books. 

Colin is the author of two delightful, and quirky books (neither of which I gave up on), Cranioklepty: Grave Robbing and the Search for Genius, and Afterlives of the Saints: Stories from the Ends of Faith, both from Unbridled Books. He also co-edited a book called Failure: Experiments and in Social  and Aesthetic Practices.  Pay a visit to his website (http://www.colindickey.com) to learn more about his book and order yourself a copy, you won’t regret it.

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Episode 7: David Wayne Reed

In this episode I talk with playwright, essayist, columnist, actor and performer, director, and former college roommate, David Wayne Reed.  David was a columnist for the Liberty Press in Kansas City as well as KC Magazine (now This is KC). He’s written several stage plays, including Mother Trucker and Mother Trucker 2: Ride On, which he also directed.  While attending a month-long artist residency at the Seaside Repertory Theatre in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, he wrote and presented his one man show “Jolly Rancher,” which he is currently turning into a memoir about growing up a gay farm kid in the middle of Kansas. Some of the pieces from that memoir appeared as columns for Liberty Press and KC Magazine, and one piece, “Taking Laps,” was recently published in the fall 2013 issue of Midwestern Gothic. We talk about all of that and more, including plans to sit down for a long overdue drink. 

Go read his blog and check out the audio and video clips of some of his performances at his website http://davidwaynereed.blogspot.com

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Episode 6: Emily St. John Mandel

This week I talk with writer Emily St. John Mandel about how she went from dancing to writing, the thankless and gallant work done by small presses and how much we both appreciate the small publisher who gave us our shot, the literary scene in Brooklyn, jumping to a big publisher, and the thrill of an Australian literary festival. Emily is the author of the novels Last Night in Montreal, The Singer’s Gun, and The Lola Quartet all from Unbridled Books. You can find out more about Emily at her website http://www.emilymandel.com. And if you haven’t yet, go read them.

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