In this live episode we feature poet Chandra E. A. Di Piazza and singer/songwriter and rock drummer Rhea Sewell. 

Chandra E.A. Di Piazza grew up in Wichita and got her BGS and MFA from Wichita State University. She’s published three collections of poetry and in 2013 won the Kansas New Voices Award for her collection A Short History of Our Love, which was published by Finishing Line Press. Her work has appeared in print and online in journals like The Cimarron Review, The Chiron Review, and Muzzle Magazine. Chandra is the founder and editor of the online journal Poetry for the Masses. Although the journal is dormant at the moment and not accepting work, she plans to start publishing new work from established and emerging poets in 2020. Currently she is working on a new collection that she hopes to complete before the end of the year. Recently married to Anthony Di Piazza, Chandra has a daughter, Lyric, plus some cats and dogs that she is constantly surprised that under her care, haven’t been lost or run away. 

Rhea Sewell is originally from Lindsborg, KS but was lured to Wichita by a music scholarship to WSU but mostly studied sociology, women’s studies, and English. On top of working full-time for the WSU Foundation, finishing a BA in 17 years with no student loan debt (what?), She’s been playing in rock bands of one stripe or another since 1994 including such acts as 1/2 Mad Poet, 7/8 Quick, JANET, Aoogah and most consistently False Flag ICT with Jeret Shisler, Tracy Sailer, and Pete Studtman. She played at the 1998 Lilith Fair show, and has opened for Joan Jett . . . twice. False Flag ICT is getting ready to record their fifth collection of songs, and you can get their EPs Rubber Blue Steam Fuck Punk, From the Inside, and Celestial Download on iTunes. 

Extra special thanks to my producer, Heather, for the new live show logo. 

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