In the seventh and final episode of our Problematic Toxic Masculinity Tropes series, Jenn and I and joined again by Paul Bradley to discuss the prevalence and normalization of violence in the depiction of men.  

Jenn Zuko is adjunct faculty at DU, MSU, and Regis University. She teaches courses in writing, literature, visual arts, performing arts, movement, and of course stage combat. She is the author of Stage Combat: Fisticuffs, Stunts, and Swordplay for Theatre and Film, out from Allworth Press back in 2006. She can be seen performing on stage and in classrooms in the Boulder/Denver area, and online at Daily Cross-Swords and Writers’ HQ, as well as archived on the defunct sites Nerds in Babeland, Your Boulder, and Sherlock’s Home.

Music for this series was created by Paul Bradley. Paul is the author of the Power of Dour blog, where he writes about pessimistic philosophy, politics and culture. He’s also one of those infamous tech guys - a 25-year software industry veteran and startup executive who does weird and interesting things with learning science and artificial intelligence. He is also Jenn Zuko’s administrative assistant.

The Outrider Podcast is orchestrated by me, Jason Quinn Malott, and audio production magic is performed by Heather Anne Eden. You can find the show online at and if you would, please, hop on iTunes and give us a rating. We’ll be back later in 2020 with more miniseries, live shows, and one-on-one conversations with writers, editors, and publishers. Thanks for listening. 

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