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Bonus Episode: Caitlin Hamilton Summie

Caitlin Hamilton Summie is the author the short story collection To Lay To Rest Our Ghosts from Fomite Press ( You can also keep up with Caitlin at her website ( or if you think you might need a book publicist, try 


Episode 5 Volume 2

The final episode for this season on resistance and community. Sometimes, to keep your wits sharp, you should edit someone else's work.



Bonus Episode: A Conversation with Duncan B. Barlow

In this bonus episode I talk to one-time Naropa classmate Duncan B. Barlow about punk rock in Louisville, losing our fathers, our mutual affection for Bobbie Louise Hawkins and Laird Hunt, how to stay in the game, and the cats that interrupt us. Also, I screw up the name of Lewis and Clark College. Duncan is the author of the books Super Cell Anemia (2008), and Of Flesh and Fur (2016). His most recent novel is The City Awake, available from Stalking Horse Press. Duncan is also the head honcho at Astrophil Press, which recently published Eirka T. Wurth’s recent book Bucskin Cocaine. 


You can keep up with Duncan (and check out some of his band’s albums) by visiting his website:



The Outrider Podcast Ep. 4 Vol. 2



The Terror Test (our other Eunoia Solstice Podcast)

Joseph Campbell

Grail Myths


And at one point I refer to the Roman Empire splitting in the 1100’s when I meant to say the Roman Church split referring the the Great Schism that gave us Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. Forgive me, but I was raised a Lutheran, which broke with the catholics in the 1500s.


Episode 3 Vol. 2

Keep writing. Even if you're alone in a shack in Montana. Otherwise, you'll turn into the unabomber.


Ep 2 Vol 2

This month, we talk about meditation. 


The Outrider Podcast Ep. 1 Vol. 2

The Outrider Podcast is a monthly conversation between Jason Quinn Malott and Stephen McClurg on literary topics of all sorts.

Today's topic: Resistance. 


Volume 2: The Outrider Podcast.

New Episodes starting in September. 


Shoptalk #3 With Stephen McClurg

Start with Mingus’ Ah Um. 

That’s all you need to know.

You can learn more about McClurg and his work at Mr. McClurg’s Marginalia 


Interview 33 with Elise Blackwell

In today’s conversation, I talk with Elise Blackwell about her family’s history in Louisiana like having Faulkner set his dogs set on her grandfather, getting in a car wreck with Ralph Ellison, and many many other things, our first terrible stories, her time as a journalist, why are Souther Writers such a “thing,” choosing to write outside of ourselves rather than autobiographically, the Naropa Audio Archives, and standing up Michael Ondaatje, and other things that keep our writing egos in check.

Elise is the author of five novels, Hunger, Grub, The Unnatural History of Cypress Parish, An Unfinished Score, and The Lower Quarter that was recently released by Unbridled Books. Her books have been selected for several end-of-the-year best of lists, including the Los Angeles Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, and the New Orleans Times Picayune. Her novel Hunger was the inspiration for the song “When the War Came” by the Decembrists. You can read more about Elise and her books at

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